Friday, August 21, 2009

Gift of Heart

Gift of Heart
Originally uploaded by Tonya Ashe
So Selfless
So Giving
So Precious
So Loving
So Enduring
So Tender
So Beautiful
Is the Heart
Of a Woman

Hidden within every woman is a unique heart that is a gift she gives to her husband and family. Every morning she wakes in thought of how she may please her husband. Throughout the day she thinks of ways to make him happy. Her life revolves around the needs of her family.

And if you have been blessed to have the gift, cherish her with all your heart. For the selfless love she gives is priceless, and far better than any riches. For a woman with a beautiful heart is a joy and fulfilling love that God created to be adored, cherished, and esteemed above all other earthly possessions.

Respect and honor in all honesty and truth this precious gift from God. For she is a rare unique treasure. Treat her heart with gentle tenderness and loving-kindness; always understanding and merciful; compassionate of her feelings, and adoration of her heart.

This gift is not to be controlled, but to be loved with great esteemed love; and if you do so, you will find that she will give you your hearts desire, for it is her desire to please you.

Pro 31:10-31; Col 3:19; Eph 5:25,28; Eph 5:22; Gen 3:16

All Writing and Art by ©Tonya Ashe

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little Birdy

Little Birdy
Originally uploaded by Tonya Ashe
The little birdy said
I shall fly away
My wing is a heart
And love is today
A course of bliss to
Flow across the skies
Into the paradise
Where I soon abide

All writing, design, and art ©Tonya Ashe

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Book for Storage

I am still making stuff to store my supplies in. This time it is a book. I made the pages so they have pockets to slide stuff into for safe keeping. I haven't decided yet what all I will be keeping in it. As you can see in the pictures, I have many ideas; cards, scraps, paper, pictures, findings, fabric scraps, etc.
I made the book out of an old vintage book I found. The book was already falling apart so I decided to recycle it.
Also used the VP August Kit.

Book for Storage

Book for Storage 3

Book for Storage 2

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Storage For My Supplies

I made this cute little storage box and jar to hold my supplies that I use for my various projects. I decided this time to give everyone a peek inside the box so you all could see some of the vintage goodies. I cannot get enough of this stuff... :) I love to collect things like this and recycle them into my projects. I hope they inspire you to make your own storage for your supplies as well.
Lots of love!

Supply Storage

Jar two

Jar one

Box One

Box two

My Hero Book

This book was made to celebrate my Hero and Beloved, Jesus Christ. He is my King! I love Him so much! ;)

I made the book with the Kenner Road Mister Kit that I won from one of their recent giveaways. You can view more information about the details on each page by going to my Flickr Gallery.

Hero Book Cover Hero Book One

Hero Book Two Hero Book Three

Hero Book Four Hero Book Five

Hero Book SevenHero Book Eight

Hero Book Six