Monday, January 2, 2017

Why Woundest Thou My Soul Poetry

Why Woundest Thou My Soul
By Tonya Ashe

Why woundest thou my soul?
Your constant quiet inner whispers
Woundest thou my soul
So quietly I await thee
Hidden deep inside
Yet you ignore me
And I'm wounded again
Why woundest thou my soul?
Can't you move toward me?
Can't you look my way?
Why doest thou ignore me?
Why won't you stay?
So gently I await thee
Please stay anyways
Stop listenening inner voices
To the lies and betrays
Listen to me gently
to the Words of my Heart
Please stay anyways
I need you so desperately
Gently my heart says
Please stay Anyways
Cuts so deep
Like a wounding knife blade
The armor is pierced
Here I gently lay
Can't you see me?
Underneath the raging rains
Feeling as a torrential sea
Merciless torments
Seeing my pains
Can't you see the forever?
My heart awaiting you inside
Hurting... I'm bleeding
Yet here comes another storm
Torrential piercings
I bareth for you
Again and again
Why can't thou seest me?
Underneath all this pain
Why tormentest thou my soul?
Please Stay!

This poem is about what a woman goes through when in an torrential relationship. If you have been abused then you will truly understand it. 

All Writing and Art by ©Tonya Ashe