Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lifting Up Unto Thee

Lifting Up To You

Oil Painting

Lifting Up Unto Thee

The storm comes
Yet I cease to be still
I slowly climb
To You my Love
I gasp for breath
From the distress
And struggle to gain
Yet affliction is nothing
To a moment with You
Lifting my heart to view
To catch a glimpse of You
Quickly to and fro
I mesmerize the rows
Of tranquil stated time
Of glistening light
The taste of sweet wine
I yearn so deeply within
To feel and know again
A passionate kiss of Love
An heavenly rose for You
Capturing a state of growth
I feel a secluded note
Suddenly taken away
My remembrance of the day
How fair You are to me
Like a flutter in the rain
A dash of purity in salt
Shake upon my soul
Lifting me up to You
The struggle melts away
Passion flowing my way
Once again.... I'm in Love
With my Love, My Dove
My Beloved King
He purges me in kindness
That He has shown to me
Speak my Sweet Savour
My Divine Flame of Fire
Fill me with Thine Favour
Flavour me with Thine salt
Come quickly lest forever
Becomes only thy thought

All Writing and Art by ©Tonya Ashe