Monday, August 14, 2017

ATCs, Artist Trading Cards: "Painting Without A Brush"

These cards were made by collage and then painting with found objects and not using a paint brush. I used fingers, credit card, spatula to add the paint effects to the cards.
Painting Witthout A Brush 7of8 Painting Without A Brush 8of8 Painting Without A Brush 6of8 
Painting Without A Brush 5of8 Painting Without A Brush 4of8 Painting Without A Brush 3of8 
Painting Without A Brush 2of8 Painting Without A Brush 1of8 

Crayons Only ATC, Artist Trading Cards For A Swap

These are some ATC Cards made by using only Crayons to draw and paint with. It was quiet a challenge to pick up a box of crayons again and explore creativity with them. They all turned out better than I thought they would.
Crayons Only