Monday, December 14, 2009

Waiting For Him

Waiting for Him

Though turmoil encompasses me about
All the tyrannical times of pain
I've been undulate round about
Please relieve my suffering
Please take this cup from me
Nevertheless, not my will
But Thy will be done

Why have these storms come upon me
The distress and anguish of soul
Yet I will gladly suffer
In hopes that Your people be made whole
Why?... I love them

Every heart transcends beauty
From the least, small, greatest
Each one is like a rose
I can fully see their potential in mine eyes...

I shall but serve Thee
My King, my Lord, my God
Though the cup has been bitter
I still love Thee with everlasting love
I'm still all Yours
If You choose to have me...

Waiting for You still...
Come quickly Love... Quickly
Lest my heart faint without Thee
It is everything to me whether Thou shalt tarry
Come now Love

All Writing and Art by ©Tonya Ashe


JoMo said...

Lovely. Stunning art to accompany beautiful words.

TexasGrammy said...

Beautifully presented!
Awesome poetry!

Happy New Year!