Monday, December 28, 2009

Thoughts of the color red
Pains of over birthing
Time pounding in my head
Still reminiscing
Realizing what was said
No compromising
Still I see the red
Pounding against my chest
Rhetorical sustenance
Abandoning the wont
Unbridled Words
Unbroken Words
Remedial discussions
As if now
I break the flowing
Of over knowing
Soliciting a solace
Rasping the thoughts
Overcoming the encumbrance
Ending this moment
This poem and art journal page is about overcoming hindrances and negative thinking patterns. Sometimes a pattern of thinking can hinder us from moving ahead or accomplishing something; perhaps a chore, goal, or dream. It is good that we always try to be aware of these hindrances in our minds. Even if we are not strong enough to overcome them; if we are aware of them, we can work toward overcoming them. Sometimes this process can be unpleasant to experience, especially if it is painful. We can choose to counter these negative thought patterns by replacing them with positive thoughts. Just think about something else. Think about something good and positive, something that is uplifting and encouraging to yourself. And once a habit of this is achieved, one has gained control over their thoughts and the process of their thoughts. This gives you freedom from the negative and helps you achieve your goals, dreams, and whatever else you may decide you want to accomplish in life.

Art Journal Page
All Writing and Art by ©Tonya Ashe

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