Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Beauty Of Light

The Beauty Of Light
Originally uploaded by TonyaA
The Beauty Of Light

The beauty of light
Flows through my heart
Moments of tenderness
Protrude in my art
To gaze upon fire
I feel it's glow
Mysterious light within
Warming my soul

Oil on art board
Poetry and Artwork ©Tonya Ashe


Anneke said...

beautiful oil painted tonya

Jennie said...

Love the painting:) and thank you for the comment on my humble card

Faye said...

Lovely painting, Tonya. I really like your poetry, too.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me that nice comment.

Happy Crafter said...

Great work Tonya love the poem too i have had a broewse around your wonderful blog, you are a very talented lady:)
Thanks for taking the time to visit mine and your kind comment.
Val xxx

Dragon said...

That's really lovely, Tonya. Thanks so much for your blessings on my blog. I can see from here why you liked my poem!! Bless you too
Love and light

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

This piece along with your poetry is SO very beautiful!!!
~*~ Patty