Friday, December 12, 2008

Adapted Moment

Adapted Moment
Originally uploaded by TonyaA
Igneous burning
Momentary pain
Reveals yet beauty
Within the change

Identical feelings
Wrapped in recount
Solace memories
Left in dismount

Written by ©Tonya Ashe


Anonymous said...

Did you write those versus? Sensitive & beautiful:)) I like your BlogSpot very much!
Sweet Blessings to you Tonya,
Sarah Zambiasi.

Faye said...

Gorgeous colors in this piece. Love it. The background is fabulous.

Kendra Joyner said...

Hi Tonya! I like all your collages! Very nice! And you write poetry? Wow!

Heather Robinson said...

What a delight to have found your blog thanks to a lovely comment you left on mine. There is nothing more powerful to me than poetry and artwork combined. Your work is powerful.