Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Few Deco'ed Pages

These are a few pages I decorated in decos that me and my mom are passing back and forth. We have so much fun doing these pages together. We pick a theme to start it off then decorate the rest of the book by trading it back and forth until it is finished, then the one who made the book and chose the theme gets to keep it.

I use to trade decos via postal mail with others all over the world, but after the disappointment of not receiving the ones I made back, I decided not to do that any more. Every once in a while I will receive one home, and I always reward the ones that are gracious enough to send them back.

Thus to fill my desire to decorate these little cute books, I started trading with my mom who also likes to do them too. It is a great way to use up my scraps from other projects and it has created a bond that me and my mom share that is priceless.

The Cross  DecoPage Relaxing   DecoPage

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Beth Perry said...

Oh yeah... I am so diggin your latest! :P
Have a good weekend, doll!