Thursday, October 15, 2009

Conscious Awareness Of The Heart

Does it matter if I am blue?
What if I was black or white?
What is the color of our skin,
except an outward covering of the heart.

If I was purple, would you see me the same?
What if I was pink or green?

All to often we judge others by the appearance of their outward; but it is the inward that holds the heart.

True beauty is the modesty of a beautiful heart. And the heart is our soul that shines forth and becomes our personality.
It is when we become conscious of that personality that we become conscious of our own heart.

Mixed media oil painting
All Writing and Art by ©Tonya Ashe


Life Made Creations said...

My first time stopping by here, but I feel compelled to say: your work is so beautiful, inspiring, and moving. Maybe you already have, but you should seriously see about getting your writing and art published. These would make a beautiful book.


JoMo said...

Yes, so true, wonderful words.
Been having discussions about ageism and being judged by how old or young we appear to be - it's the same thing you've so eloquently said here, it's all about the heart.