Monday, August 25, 2008

Free To Fly

Free To Fly
Originally uploaded by TonyaA

I am free to fly
I am free to soar
Across the sky
Beyond this world

To a place on high
To a place I'm free
Free to imagine
Free to be me

Copyright © 2008 Tonya Ashe

This is a mixed media piece I just completed. I had so much fun painting this bird. I kept seeing the image in my mind so I painted it in my art journal. And loved it so much, I just had to have one on canvas as well. The poem above details the meaning of the painting. I truly do feel like I am flying when I do art. I get swept away from this world into whatever I am working on. Art is my stress reliever. It is a special time that I am free to be myself, dream and create whatever I want.

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