Monday, July 26, 2010

New Art Cards

Cat    Count On

Find A Song  Dressed Up
Money Back Guarantee

Red Poetry

Love Song 


Love and Laughter

Hand Pieces 



thekathrynwheel said...

These are lovely. What a collection! Did you make all of these?

misteejay said...

Wow, what a fab selection - some really lovely designs.

Toni :o)

Nicole Austin said...

wow! i love each and every one of these! the colors and textures are so lovely!

Julie Prichard said...

Hi Tonya! These cards are so delicious! I love looking at big assortments of art like this..really inspiring.. Also thank you for dropping by my neck of the woods- I really appreciate it!

jonaks said...

awesome ATC's. I would love to trade with you!

crystal korzep said...

What great ATC's.
Isn't it amazing today, that all we need is playing cards or card board 2 1/2 x 3 1/2, papers and a bunch of paints and we can do anything!

aquariann said...

Such a vast collection of whimsical art cards! How long did it take to make all of those?

teri said...

hi Toni, im looking for christian artist to help me on a project.I distribute christian books that i have picked up at garage sales and second hand stores. some of them I alter. underline, paste draw in leaving apart of me. I leave them at hostels, cafes, laundry mats, coffee shops and campgrounds. looking in shelters. or just give it to someone who needs a special book. I don't have it all worked out working with other artist so im looking for ideas and artist.

TonyaA said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments!
Hi aquariann! I actually work on them off and on sometimes for months. It just depends on when I am satisfied with the final appearance of the card.
Blessings to you all!

Ophelia said...

Awesome ATC' fabulous!

Kate Boone said...

I absolutely love these! The colors and textures are amazing! I'm feeling inspired to go get-out all me paper and glue. :-) mwahaha

Rita A. said...

Oh My Gosh. Your ATCs are wonderful. And there are so many.

I found you through the Blog Hop and will absolutely be back.

Rita A. (No. 2)