Thursday, June 17, 2010

Walking on Solomon's Porch

Walking on Solomon's Porch

Where art True Love
Why hidest Thou from me
I have knocked so endlessly
Please come unto me
My heart weeps and mourns
At Your absence
I just can't live without Thee
My heart pounds so vehemently
Like a rushing river of passion
I shall cleave unto Thee
My delightful One
In Whom I truly seek
At night I dream of Your Touch
At day I sit beneath Our tree
A reminisce of Your Face
Burns deep inside of me
Longing for Your caress
Shall I put on my white dress
And dance around in dreams
Into Your Courts I shall fly
For You are my Beloved King
My sweet Rose of Sharon
Why hidest Thou from me

All Writing and Art by ©Tonya Ashe


Gaby Bee said...

Another lovely piece! It is so beautiful with color and composition! You are so talented.
Have a wonderful day!
Gaby xo

Butterfly Works said...

I really like the's a beautiful page....