Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tab Book

This is a little book I made that reflects some parts of my personality. I just love how it turned out. I used many different things like scraps, various favorite ephemera, decorative tapes (something I love, love, love!!!), handmade stamps, and other various embellishments. If it was something I liked, it was open for use. I had so much fun making this that I am already making another little personality book that will be uploaded in the days ahead.
To can also see the book in my flickr pages.

Tab book Front Tab Book Back

Tab book One Tab Book Two

Tab Book Three Tab Book Four

Tab Book Five


Linda said...

Love the little book!!!

Margaret said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog, how wonderful to have found yours! love your style especially this journal, so wish I could do something like this! I've very much enjoyed looking thru your older poats, you really have some lovely work

Made with Love x said...

i love this tab book.the colours are so so stunning.the colours are just fabxx

Faye said...

What a wonderful little tab book. I love the vibrancy and the excitement you've managed to put into it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Tonya! There's so much interesting detail, lovely:))

Euphoria said...

Oh my- it's GOREGOUS!! Love all the randomness about it (is that a word?)- supa cool sweets!

Beth Perry said...

absolutely gorgeous, girl!